It is vitally important to look after your pets teeth and gums.

Just as in humans, tartar and plaque build up on pets teeth resulting in gingivitis (red, swollen gums); halitosis (bad breath) and tooth root abscesses.

Some breeds seem to be especially prone to dental problems for example terrier breeds. These breeds need close attention to prevent serious dental disease.

Some signs of dental disease include bad breath; reluctance to eat hard biscuits and bones; bleeding from gums.

The bacteria present on these teeth eventually find their way into the bloodstream and can cause heart and kidney disease.

There are many ways to prevent dental disease in our pets such as:

  • Use of special pet toothbrushes and toothpaste (DO NOT use human toothpastes).
  • Regular veterinary checks- some pets need regular teeth scaling and polishing.
  • Prescription teeth diets for example Hills t/d (teeth diet)

We have recently installed a new state-of-the-art dental machine. It comes with a modern ultrasonic scaler, a high speed drill for difficult extractions plus suction and polishing handpieces.

REMEMBER !! - Any bad breath in dogs and cats is NOT normal and most animals will keep eating despite advanced dental disease.